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T is for Technology

Last week we started our March Craft Month Challenge. Each week we are doing a different activity from STEM. Last week we all did some fun Science experiments and this week we all focused on doing technology challenges.

Before I tell you what I did, do you know what Technology is important in STEM?

Teaching kids about technology and how to use it in their every day lives from an early age helps them to think creatively and and find innovative ways to complete their problem.

The types of activities that are included in Technology for kids are coding, building batteries and robots, gaming, 3D printing, making prototypes, creating movies. There is a lot more than just these ideas and all of these come with age appropriate tasks so you can start introducing coding to your toddler and then as they get older, make it more challenging.

Find some more fun Technology activities to try out.

When we were deciding on an activity I was going to go with something related to Mincraft. Jack and Emma recently discovered Minecraft and roped David in and every afternoon the three of them play together. I am not 100% familiar with how the game works but it is one of the games homeschooling families use a lot in learning and it is something the 3 of them do together, which is always welcome.

Do your kids play minecraft?

Right up until the weekend before we were due to showcase our activity we were doing Minecraft and then Jack showed me this animation he had done! I was so blown away and knew we had to share it with the world. I had no idea he was even playing around with animation and I thought it was so cool.

If you do have Minecraft fans I have put together a Pinterest board of Minecraft STEM challenges for you to try out.

I love that he has access to this kind of technology and can play around with things like animation. It opens up so many avenues for him that weren’t even available to his older siblings.

He used the app FlippaClip to create this funky little animation and has been trying out new ideas and designs every day. It is amazing to see what kids will come up with when you give the freedom to explore new ideas.

It is pretty cool right?

Candice and Rebecca and their kiddos came up with some super cool technology activities. We are going to be trying them both out, especially the pool noodle robot, Rebecca made. But the lemon battery is also so cool.


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