#PrimaGamesFest | HarassedMom

This game forms part of the #PrimaGamesFest that I posted about yesterday and it is my currently favourite game and it is possible for even toddlers to play this one, so perfect for everyone. This is such a simple game but it is SO MUCH FUN!!! It is called Boom Blast Stix. The goal is to […]

{Product Review} 20 Questions – the game the whole family can enjoy

#PrimaGamesFest | HarassedMom

As you know we have kids across quite a few age gaps. There is 12 years between Cameron and Kiara which means it can get challenging to try and find activities we can all enjoy. Board games are one way activity that can work across this age gap because it is possible for the older […]

{WIN} Two sets of Tsum Tsums

When we hosted the #JoziMeetUp earlier this year, Prima Toys were one of the sponsors and I was lucky enough to win a pack of Tsum Tsum! It was love at first sight. Now I know many of you are probably thinking I was “paid” to say that, I really wasn’t. As childish as it […]

{WIN} A Stickbot Studio Pack

When I received the email about reviewing the Stickbot, I wasn’t 100% sure what they were exactly but Kiara has taken a keen interest in making videos so I thought it would be great for her. When it arrived, I was a little more unsure about it. Then we downloaded the app and I can […]

Prima Toys turns 45

I was invited to the Prima Toys birthday bash at the Holiday Inn Sandton today. I am such a rookie when it comes to being invited to these things and get so excited 🙂 I headed off after a rather crazy morning on the Gautrain to Sandton and then walked (0.7m) to the hotel. They […]