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That time my face nearly burnt off!

This year end has been a little more stressful than I would have liked and there are a few things we have had to deal with that I would rather not have to deal with, like my face nearly burning off.

Say whaaat?

It’s a long story, so make some tea or coffee, grab some Christmas cookies and settle in.

I have been struggling with oily skin. It has been so bad and if their is one thing I can not deal with it is oil, of any kind. After a few attempts to get it under control I decided to try out a new brand of skin care.

I am completely useless when it comes to picking out skin care brands to use, my budget is small and I have sensitive skin so I stood in Dischem for ages before deciding on a brand to try.

I started with it on a Wednesday and I was in love. It smelt amazing and I was happy.

I needed to get some last minute work done so I went with David, one Thursday, to get some work done while he had a meeting. I was sitting outside under some trees working, it was so lovely. There was shade, a small breeze and I was getting stuff done.

My arms started itching though and clearly something had bitten more or I was allergic to something in the air. But it disappeared quickly once we left so I didn’t think too much off it.

Thursday night I am lying in bed and it is hot but my face is on fire, initially I assumed it was just because it was hot but as I cooled down, my face remained hot. I then realised it was super red and chalked it down to getting burnt from sitting in the sun earlier in the day.

By Friday evening my face is on fire, it is dry and flaking and I started to consider maybe it was not sun burn. Nothing I tried was helping to ease the burn. I tried aloe gel, barrier cream, aqueous, ice and pretty much anything else I could find in the cupboards. Nothing worked and it was getting super intense.

The only thing that had changed was my skin care routine so I stopped the products immediately. It took 3 days of my face burning before it started to ease and then my face started flaking off. Yip it was as gross as it sounds. It was terrible. I was able to put my concealer on by Monday evening when I had to leave the house to timekeep but it did nothing to cover the dry skin.

My tale of woe does not end there. Once the skin was all off, I broke out in little red pimples all over. Fortunately they disappeared pretty quickly and now I am left with a new face that is STILL OILY!!

So if you have tips for oily skin, please let me know.

I never mentioned the brand intentionally, I don’t think it is a bad, it was just not right for my skin type. 




  1. Carla
    18 December, 2018 / 2:25 pm

    I struggle with sensitive skin and I have tried almost everything on the market. I’m now using Annique skincare products, which is formulated with Rooibos extract for sensitive skin, and I can recommend it. I’m experiencing reduced redness and irritability, and my skin’s surface is much better as well! Try adding Rooibos tea bags to your water when you wash your face, that will certainly help!

  2. Chan
    19 December, 2018 / 10:54 am

    Body Shop mosituriser for sensitive skin (green packaging) my skin reacts to almost every face cream except this one, does not make my skin oily at all.

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