Where to spend your next babymoon

Where to spend your next babymoon | HarassedMom

My oldest will be 18 this year and so much has changed in terms of parenting in that time. Not only are there s many products available but there are so many new traditions, like gender reveals and babymoons. Say what? A babymoon? Have you heard of a babymoon? If you have not let me […]

Perfect Weekend Getaway to Dinokeng

Dinokeng Reserve - Perfect weekend getaway | Harassedmom

The last 3 years have been pretty brutal financially fo us as we both build our businesses and try to get back on our feet. This has meant that going away for “fun” has been pretty non-existent. It also meant dates nights for David and I haven’t happened. Towards the end of last year we […]

Places we love in Pretoria

Places We Love In Pretoria | HarassedMom

We have been living in Pretoria for over 10 years. There was a brief moment we considered moving to Joburg (Fourways of all places) and I am so glad we did not move. There are so many places we love in Pretoria and I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now. Pretoria is a big […]

South Africa has my heart

South Africa is awesome | HarassedMom

Even during loadshedding, I love living in South Africa. I have always been proudly South African and have never felt the pull to move anywhere outside of Africa. I will admit though, I am dreaming of moving to a farm in Botswana where I can have chickens, grow my own veggies and let my kids […]

Bontebok National Park – Fun For The Kids

Bontebok National Park Swellendam | HarassedMom

My parents have been living in Montagu for almost 8 years. At least once a year the kids and go down to visit them. Sometimes we do very little and other times we spend a lot of time going out and exploring but either way, with each visit we discover somewhere new to go with […]

Parenting does get easier….sometimes

Parenting does get easier, | HarassedMom

We have all been told at some time or another that parenting will get easier. I am still a little skeptical, I am not sure it really gets easier, just different and more of than not we just get used it! Although I am still not convinced, I will say that travelling with kids does […]

Why you should book an all inclusive ClubMed package!

When David and I went on honeymoon we chose an all inclusive package with the resort we stayed at and it was perfect! We didn’t have to worry about keeping track of bar bills or food bills or about getting unexpected items charged to our account. It was all paid for before we arrived.  I […]

Our Shosholoza Meyl Experience

I have been hesitant to travel by train, purely because our railway service doesn’t have the best reputation and I knew I would be traveling on my own with at least 3 of the kids. But when we were planning our annual winter holiday to my parent’s we decided to look into it  bit more, […]

Tanzanian Trip – Part Three – Photos

These are just a few of my favourite photos from the trip. I really wish now that I had paid more attention when people tried to help me take better photos. There were so many great opportunities but either my setting was wrong or I was too far away but I still got a few […]

Tanzanian Trip – Part Two

I have told and retold stories of this trip a few times over the last few days to family and friends but I still find it hard to put into words how positive the experience was and how much I loved being in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. The projects we visited were spread all […]