Where to spend your next babymoon

Where to spend your next babymoon | HarassedMom

My oldest will be 18 this year and so much has changed in terms of parenting in that time. Not only are there s many products available but there are so many new traditions, like gender reveals and babymoons.

Say what? A babymoon?

Have you heard of a babymoon? If you have not let me break it down for you.

A babymoon is a getaway that pregnant mamas go one with their partner before the arrival of their baby. There is a growing trend amongst expectant mothers to go on these getaways. Sounds pretty cool, right?

I must say that this is totally a trend I can get behind. Nothing really prepares you for the arrival of a baby and your relationship with your partner is forever altered. A getaway is the perfect way to celebrate this momentous event.

So where should you go?

The short answer is go somewhere that fulls your cup and allows you and your partner a real opportunity to relax and connect. But if you are looking for ideas I have found a few places I think I would have enjoyed going to on my babymoon/s.

I absolutely fell in love with Dinokeng recently, if you enjoy the bushveld and being around animals, then this is the place for you. There are so many options when it comes to accommodation in the reserve from self-catering options to 5-star lodges.

For something a little more cosmopolitan you could opt for the stunning Capital Menlyn Maine. The gorgeous Menlyn Maine with its boutiques and amazing restaurants is a short walk away and you can get any last minute shopping in at Menlyn Shopping Centre. The biggest advantage of staying in a hotel is that you won’t have to leave the room if you don’t want to.

I obviously have to mention Maison Montagne in Franschoek. You could stay there for your honeymoon, babymoon and everything in between. The guesthouse is up on the hill, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. So you have complete privacy and they have spa options that will come to you in the guesthouse.

I am not the biggest beach fan but if you are I would go somewhere along the KwaZulu/Natal coastline where the water is nice and warm and you can dip your toes in. There are so many places you can check out and the further up or down the coast you go, the more beautiful it is.

Basically you want to find somewhere that you can relax, away from the craziness and stress of every day life.

Tips for planning a babymoon

Time it right. Your second trimester or early in your third trimester are the best times to travel. You are probably still relatively comfortable at this stage. You are over the first trimester morning sickness etc and haven’t hit the last trimester aches and pains.

Reduce travel time. Try to pick somewhere that isn’t too far. Staying local, within your country is probably a good idea. Anything can happen during a pregnancy and it is safer to be close to your doctor or at least a medical facility you trust.

Check with you OBGYN that you can travel, regardless of whether you are going on a road trip or flying to your destination

Make sure you have privacy! Wherever you decide to go must be private. You want the chance to really connect with your partner and talk about your new life and prepare for the upcoming changes.

Check there is Room Service. This probably rules out self-catering places but if you do want to stay in a self-catering place, check if they have ubereats available. No one wants to be cooking on their babymoon.

If you are planning on flying, check out Travelstart. I have booked our last few trips trough them and it has been so easy and cheap!!

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  1. That sounds so awesome. We didn’t have baby moons before either kid but we did travel while I was pregnant. Lol. It was just a vacation and a nice way to get away and do something different.

  2. My husband and I took a babymoon when I was pregnant with our first. It was simple and just to Chicago which isn’t that far from our home. But it was still so great to have that special time together before life forever changed!

  3. I have never thought on doing babymoon, when I was pregnant, but then looking to different mommies who did, I think that it is such a great idea. It is the best moment to enjoy your time together and see the world.

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