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UberEats, making your life easier one stadium at a time.

The girls have been at my parents for 2 weeks, which means the boys and I have been having a little quality time together. When Ubereats offered us tickets to one of the T20 Mzansi Super League games, we jumped at the opportunity. I will admit it has been years since I have really followed the cricket but T20 games are always lots of fun.

We had a really great day and if you are looking for a fun, family day out over the holidays, I really recommend getting tickets to one of the Mzanzi League matches happening at the moment.

One of the reasons we were asked to attend this specific match was to test drive the new collaboration between Uber Eats and the Wanderers Stadium. It is a world-first and I am so excited about this collaboration and hope that it rolls out to all the stadiums across South Africa.

If you have ever attended a sports match you will know how busy the restaurants can get and you often spend too much time standing in queues waiting to order and then waiting for the food. It can get very unpleasant especially if your kids with you who also have to stand in line and wait for their food. Not only is standing in line boring and frustrating but it also means you are missing the match that you came to watch.

Ubereats have the solution and it is a goody! They have partnered with some of the restaurants inside the Wanderers Stadium to allow you to order via the UberEats app. This means that you don’t have to wait in long queues and can just collect your food when it is ready.

Isn’t this so clever?

On Sunday at the game, there were loads of dads watching the game with their small children, having an option like this available makes it so much easier when you are out with kids on your own. This is still in the pilot phase, but I really hope it rolls out because it makes days out to events like this so much more convenient. How often do we go out and then spend ages standing in queues waiting for food, this removes a lot of that waiting time?

When was the last time you went to a sports game?

I took the older kids to a game a few years ago and I remember we had so much fun but we haven’t been to a game in ages. It really is a fun day out for the whole family. Most of the stadiums have family areas where you can set up for the day and let the kids run around with all the other kids there. It really is a very cool vibe.

The next big game is the England Vs South Africa happening o the 26th at Wanderers. It promises to be a great day out and the UberEats apps collab will be up and running in time for this game.

Do you go to watch live sports matches?

Disclaimer: UberEats gave us tickets, a meal and an uber trip in exchange for a review/blog post.

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