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25 Things You Never Knew About Me

I have been blogging for many many years – like more than 10 years. I have shared so much over the past 15 years that if you had the time to read back through all the posts you would know pretty much all there is to know about me. But since things have changed dramatically over the past year and I have a couple of new readers, I have decided to share a few things you may not know about me.

There is a little more to me than waste-free packaging, glass jars and chocolate.

25 Things You Never Knew About Me

  1. I was born with dislocated hips resulting in numerous surgeries over the years.
  2. Tanzania and Kenya are the most beautiful places on earth. If I was ever to leave South Africa I would move to one of these countries.
  3. I went to my first live concert about 5 years ago when George Ezra visited SA.
  4. Fashion sandwiches are my favourite type of sushi.
  5. I don’t love the beach.
  6. I would much rather spend time in the bush.
  7. As I have matured, I have really come to appreciate a good red wine.
  8. I was one on an episode of Noleen talking about divorce and the single parent life.
  9. I go to bed early – super early – I am in bed at 20h00.
  10. There is a show on Showmax called Strike Back. It is an action series that I have watched countless times.
  11. I haven’t had gluten in 25 years.
  12. Showering is really not my vibe. I know bathing is not sustainable or eco-friendly but showering is just meh.
  13. I hate having unread notifications on my phone or email. I have removed all notifications because of this. Those little red numbers do my head in.
  14. I studied Hotel Management. I started off studying law but somewhere along the way the road changed.
  15. I swear too much.
  16. Macarons really are my favourite sweet treat.
  17. I prefer paper and pen – I have a large notebook that I use every day to write my to-do list and have printed calendars I write stuff in.
  18. My star sign is an Aries and I am a pretty typical Aries – fire and passion and all that.
  19. I am not naturally nurturing.
  20. Even though I have no been parenting for nearly 19 years, it still does not come naturally to me.
  21. I currently do not own one pair of high heel shoes – combination of a new puppy and online meetings.
  22. I do not enjoy shopping – I never have really.
  23. Loaded chips are my favourite savoury thing to eat.
  24. I haven’t ironed in years.
  25. Writing makes me happy.

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