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My 5 Best Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

I am actually very embarrassed about the number of plastic water bottles we have used over the years for the kids. You know when your kids stop using a baby bottle but aren’t quite ready for a cup, so you buy those cute printed Barbie or Super Hero plastic water bottles.

Then they get older and start school and need to take water with them. Then it is extra-muruals and more water is need. Bottles get lost and forgotten and before you know it you are literally drowning in the weight of plastic bottles.

We have donated and thrown away more bottles than I would care to admit. While it is easy to say just get a glass water bottle, when you have kids or children who do sports it is not that easy. A glass water bottle can’t be used during club swimming training or taken onto a play ground.

We have gone through a lot of water bottles in our search for the right ones. Each of us have different requirements which means we all need different bottles. Kiara and Emma like having straws in their bottles. The boys are a little clumsy so glass isn’t ideal for them. I need a bottle that can take a liter or more of water at a time.

A few years ago I had metal bottles made that had HarassedMom branding on them and these have outlasted all the rest but Kiara and Jack don’t like theirs, so not a solution for everyone. They are also not ideal for Emma for karate, it takes too much time to open and close them.

I have picked just a few of the bottles we have bought, or would buy that are great alternatives to plastic bottles.

Glass Bottles: We do have some of these Consol Glass bottles and they are my favourite. Even though they are glass they are pretty thick so they are a little more durable than some of the thinner bottles – but still obviously glass. We also upcycle old tomato sauce glass bottles but they don’t travel well because the lids don’t seal properly.

Metal Drinking Bottles: Kiara bought one similar to this one from Cotton On and uses it a lot at home, she pops her straw in it. It has lasted really well and the advantage of it being metal is that it doesn’t break – just gets dented a little.

Copper Water Bottles: Water kept in copper helps to purify it and also balances your Doshas. It is also believed that storing water in copper has many other benefits to your overall health. Copper bottles are not cheap either but will last well as they are little hardier than metal and stainless steel bottles.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle: We haven’t bought stainless steel water bottle before but I have seen them being used at swimming and dancing. Again I like the fact that they are durable and can be dropped without serious damage. I also like the lid on these ones. Our #asshole dog loves to chew a lid and we have lost many water bottle tops to him. These lids are also stainless steel so even if he grabs them, they are not nice to chew.

Recycled Water Bottles: I found these on Faithful-2-Nature and love that they are made from single-use plastic bottles. They are the most expensive of all the bottles listed here so probably not something you want to buy for your child to take to school but still a great eco-friendly water bottle option. This bottle can also be used for hot drinks which does make it a lot more versatile than the others.

Do you use reusable water bottles? Which ones are your favourite?


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