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7 Local Waste-free Brands to Support

Local really is lekker. I am discovering some really amazing small business who are creating some incredible products that are focused on waste-free living and sustainability. Sometimes it takes a little digging but you can find a waste-free alternative for pretty much anything you need. You do also get the satisfaction of knowing you supported a small business, which is pretty cool.

If you are looking for amazing homemade natural soaps that are smell amazing and look incredible, check out Earth and Rose. You won’t find only soaps but a range of different sustainable waste-free products. She is based in Pretoria but will deliver nationwide.

Toast Handmade makes all of their products from hemp and hemp twine. You will find a range of absolutely beautiful products ranging from hemp bags to kitchen cloths and scrunchies. They have a second waste-free company that makes upcycled products from recycled plastic – plasticity.

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This brand has grown so much since I first found them. Roodt has a great range of mom and new baby products – all natural and safe to use but there range extends further than that to include a range of different waste-free items. This is definitely a brand to watch.

EcoNest is a brand that supplies a range of natural self-care products. I love when brands start because they can’t find what they need so they make their own and that’s exactly what happened with EcoNest.

If you are looking for a some fun shaped soaps for kids or to give as gifts, then you want to check out Au Naturel. Everything you will find in their shop has been made handmade using only natural products and essential oils.

For all the new mamas out there, Odd Pod is the shop for you. They are showing the world you can have a baby and stay waste-free. They have pretty much everything you need for your new baby, most of it handmade and natural.

Flavour Online was born during lockdown and has continued to grow over the last year. While they stock a variety of products, coffee is their jam and they have some really awesome coffee for sale in their shop. If you are looking for some quality coffee (and jam), check them out.

What are some of your waste-free brands?

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