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7 Vegan-Friendly Stores in South Africa

Plant-based food is currently “in” so you can find vegan options at all the major retailers, Dis-Chem, Faithful to Nature etc but I find a lot of the products found in these stores are pretty processed and most of them are very gluten heavy.

Thanks to the growing trend, you will find some great local vegan stores offering locally made and sourced vegan products.

Wherever you buy your products from, remember to read the labels. Just because something is vegan does not necessarily mean it is healthy!

Vegan Things have a pretty extensive range of vegan products from meat and dairy alternatives to prepared food and snacks. Basically you can get everything you need except fresh product from Vegan Things. They have an online store so shopping is super easy!

Antonias has a smaller selection of vegan items but they are made by her team, making them less processed. Their shop also have some supplement powders. As an added bonus they have a restaurant in Joburg, so you can stock up and enjoy a vegan lunch.

Herbivore has a range of vegan protein options and dairy alternatives. You can shop online and they deliver nationwide. All of their packaging is compostable which is always a win.

Jacksons Market has stores in Joburg and Midrand. They have a amazing range of vegan friendly products from fresh produce to delicious fresh bread and other vegan pantry items. They also do have a restaurant so you can enjoy a cup of coffee after you have done your shopping.

Fresh Earth have stores and an online shop so you can buy all of their products from wherever you are. If you are also gluten-free then they have a nice range of gluten free products.

Refillery have a range of vegan products in their stores – chia seeds, chickpeas, lentils, kimchi etc – you will find them all at the Refillery. They also have a dairy free ice-cream that is absolutely amazing! And it is also plastic free.

Unwrapped is another one of the online stores I use every month. They have recently added tofu to their product list but you can also get your bulk dry goods from them – beans, pasta etc.


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