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My mom has a green thumb and is either in her garden or sewing room. It has never been my thing until recently.

My Vegetable Garden - An Unexpected Love

Patience is not one of my strengths. I like instant gratification which is why I find gardening particularly frustrating. Unlike my mother and husband, I do not have a green thumb. I am not completely useless but I lack the patience and attention span a garden requires, so it is a lot of effort for me. 

Our back garden has been a source of a lot of frustration. We have never really known what to do with it so we have tried a few different things, including a vegetable garden but at the time Jack and Emma were small, Cameron and Kiara were deep in school activities and we were short on time so didn’t prioritise it enough. 

When we started our sustainability journey I really wanted to try grow our own produce again. It has taken me about 4 years to figure things out but I think I have figured it out and I am absolutely loving it. 

My garden is now thriving. All of the compost we use comes directly from our now every established compost heap!

We have a very healthy rocket plant. 

A huge, beautiful pineapple sage plant. 

Cauliflowers and cabbages are growing. 

Pumpkin and baby marrow are covering a large corner. 

There is lettuce that Jack picks for his wraps and burgers. 

My pepper plants finally have fruit. 

The chilli’s are doing so well. 

It brings me such joy every morning to water and check what’s growing and what needs to be picked.

It is not so much about being able to feed our family but more about working in the garden, digging and planting and watching something grow.

I never expected it would bring me such joy but here we are. I am already planning what to plant next!


What did you fall in love with unexpectedly?



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