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Balloon Alternatives

I love a bunch of brightly colored balloons. They just make you want to smile, don’t they? And a stunning balloon arch is so pretty! But these gorgeous oval shaped decorations are made from plastic and are so incredibly bad for the environment.

While I love the effect of balloons I don’t love the kids playing with them. The popping, the bits of plastic etc – we have avoided them for the most part for many years but now they are banned. Yes, even at parties.

Balloons are made from plastic. If they are released and fly off into the air, they don’t just disappear, they have to come down somewhere and often this is far from where they started off. This means that they end up polluting and posing serious threats to wildlife. The strings tied around your balloons also pose threats to animals. Unless you are keeping all the balloons you use and disposing of them responsibly, you need to avoid them completely.

A quick search on Pinterest for any party theme will yield pages and pages of balloons. At first glance it would appear that you can not host a successful party without balloons. This is simple not true and I can’t actually remember the last time I used balloons as a prominent part of part decor. While they do bring their own sense of charm, they are not necessary and you can create a stunning look without them.

Alternatives to balloons.


I LOVE bunting. I use it for everything and anything. The best think about bunting is that you can use it over and over again. When we got married my mom made kilometers of bunting and we have be using it for pretty much every party we have had since then (which was 8 years yesterday). It is only now starting to reach the end of it’s life.

I also have some paper bunting that I use at parties, it also lasts and lasts. Once it can’t be used as bunting any more you can cut it up and use it in crafts or if it doesn’t have the plastic film on, you can recycle it.

You can also make your own bunting in different styles and shapes using fabric and/or paper. There literally are no rules. You can cut up newspaper, cardboard, used paper – pretty much anything can be turned into the prettiest of bunting.

You can use a few different types to add different dimensions to your party – nothing brightens up a space like strings of bunting.

Paper Lanterns

I have used these in a lot of our parties as well. They also add so much fun and colour. They can also be folded up, stored and reused as and when you need them. The nice thing about these lanterns is you can add little tea light candles and use them for your night time decor as well.

Look how stunning all of these images are! The colours just make me so happy! You can tie ribbons on, play around with different sizes to make a stunning overall look.

Paper Fans

Again, there is so much you can do with these paper fans. You can find them in so many different styles, colours and styles – you can even make your own.

And like the above items you can also use these a few times – I have some that have lasted me 3/4 years.

Get Creative with Paper

There is so much you can do with some coloured cardboard and a little creativity. Good old fashion paper chains can make for some stunning decor – the more the better. You can cut and fold your paper any way you want to and you will create some really fun and exciting garlands and decor.

It is possible to host a party without balloons and with a little creativity, a few Pinterest searches and a pile of coloured paper you can create some really stunning party decor.

So when you are planning your next party – ditch the balloons!


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