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If you do not already, it is time NOW to ditch the plastic bag. There is no reason to still ask for plastic bags when you go to the shops.

If you do not have any reusable/material bags, I suggest investing in a few. You can get them from all the major retailers or for something a little more trendy, try Cotton On and Typo. Or if you can sew, make a few bags.

It can be a little challenging in the beginning remembering the bags. When we started with this swap and we forgot the bags, we still said no to the plastic bags and packed the groceries back into the trolley. Now I keep a stash of bags in both of our cars so I know we always have them on hand.

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It is so avoidable that many countries have banned the use of plastic bags. Kenya is one of the leading countries when it comes to strict laws around single-use plastic. They are just one of many African countries that are taking a stand against plastic.

But there are also many other countries making strides in restricting plastic and in turn reducing the single use plastic entering the environment. This year Mexico City and the Maldives both banned single-use plastic, showing an on going commitment to this initiative.

Have you ditched the plastic bag yet?

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  1. All of our shops switched to bring your own bag, and they do sell thick plastic bags, but they always brake! We switched to cloth, and it’s so much better for our shopping.

  2. I just love this and here in New York, we are in suffolk county on Long Island…. there are no plastic bags. You either bring your own or you can purchase paper bags….. and also plastic straws are now banned too. I have to say I hate the paper straws though as they make the drink taste like an old paper cup. I use Bamboo straws as they seem just like the plastic.

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