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I have only recently started learning more about fashion and sustainability. It has been eye-opening and has definitely made me re-think what clothes we buy, and which brands we support. It has been a tricky one for me to navigate, especially with the kids because the little two are still growing so quickly and often the choices for them are pretty limited.

Buying sustainable clothing does not mean we never buy anything new or “nice” or that all of the clothes have to come from thrift stores. Instead, for me, it means finding brands that align with what we are trying to achieve in our daily lives and focusing on buying fewer clothes (I mean let’s be honest, do you need 10 tees in different colours?)

If you have been following me for a while you will know I am all about the online shopping life. I do 90% of my shopping online so it only makes sense to do buy my clothing online, right?

Winter is around the corner and I desperately need a few key pieces – like some new lounge pants, a jacket etc. So, I have been searching the internet for clothing online that suit what I need and are sustainable and eco-friendly.

I recently discovered that Adidas are doing really well when it comes to sustainability. They have good policies in place to audit suppliers and use eco-friendly materials. They have also set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their overall score is really great. This was awesome news because we have in the past purchased Adidas items for the kids.

If you are looking for track pants – and who doesn’t love a good pair of track pants – then Adidas have these really stunning grey pair.

While I was searching for new brands, I discovered Me&B and I am so in love with this local brand! “Me & B is a rejection of fast fashion where impeccable fit, and quality are primary concerns while sustainability guides the pair’s every decision.” What more could you want from a brand? Well, they also do have a plus size section with some of the prettiest outfits.

As the world opens up more now, I am heading out to more meetings and I have discovered I have a lack of “office” wear, Me&B have that covered with a great range of basic items you can mix and match to create a range of looks.

I LOVE these mustard colour pants. I am a sucker for wide leg pants, and these are so stunning.

And this knit dress? Isn’t it gorgeous? Perfect for weekends with friends or for casual day in the office.

Over-sized sweaters are life! This fleece sweater is perfect for those winter weekends binging Netflix and ordering take out!

This pink shirt can be worn in so many ways and I love clothes like this. You can wear it over jeans, tuck into a skirt or a pair of black pants – so many options.

Move Pretty is another local brand making really elegant active wear.

I don’t run or hit the gym, but I do love my yoga sessions every morning so comfortable active wear is so important.

If leggings are your jam, check out these pink leopard print leggings. If you are comfortable with crop tops, you can add the matching top.

I can’t decide which pattern I prefer between these purple fern leggings and the pink leopard print.

They also have a range of tank tops that are great to workout in or just to hang out in over the weekend.

While this isn’t clothing, it is a local eco-friendly brand I stumbled upon.

NovaWoolf was founded by Isle Woolf and she “created this premium, eco-conscious brand to add magic to the world by blending innovative technology with thoughtfully curated design.”

Check out their cool yoga mat designs.

If you do a little research, you will find you can still buy the clothes you want sustainably and ethically. You might also find some really awesome local brands that you can support.

I would love to hear some of your favourite sustainable brands.



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  1. I try to buy a lot of our clothing second hand. Especially for the kids since they outgrow it so quickly! But I do love those purple fern leggings, purple is my favorite color and I also try to get a yoga session in every morning.
    Stephanie recently posted…Simple Herbed Tuscan BreadMy Profile

  2. I try to be careful where I buy. Some items are from thrift stores but then some from more sustainable and ethical stores.

  3. It’s only been recently when I became more conscious about brands and their sustainability advocacy. I try to support products that also give back to the environment.

  4. Sounds like a great brand to check out. I’ve been trying to thrift more and when I do buy new I always select conscious lines now. It’s a topic that was brought to my attention a few years ago and when you learn more about the fashion industry and how unethical it actually is, you really start prioritizing ethical shopping. By doing so you not only buy higher quality, but you end up saving more too.

  5. As someone who is plus-sized I do find it tougher to find sustainable brands that cater for my size, but it is something I’d like to do more of x

  6. I hope that your quest for purchasing sustainable clothing is fruitful–leading you to options you love.

  7. Great post. I don’t have any favourite brands, but I’ve cut down on buying clothes, especially ‘fast cheap fashion’.

  8. Thanks for introducing me to some new brands offering sustainable clothing and for informing me about Adidas and their mission – I did not know this! I hope you manage to find some gorgeous pieces!

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