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Introducing Flavour Online

I LOVE stories like this. This business started during lockdown last year! For many lockdown was tough. For many businesses it was devastating but for many it was also a time of growth. Stories like this give me even more hope that despite the devastation, we will grow and we will all be ok.

Janet from Flavour Online actually found me on Twitter and I am so glad she did because this year I really want to focus on buy more from local brands.

Brand Name: Flavour Online

Do you have a retail store, an online store or both? (If your products are available in other stores, please add those as well). Online store only- www.flavouronline.co.za

What products do you offer? Farmers market products such as coffee, honey, chilli sauce, candles, baked goods, jams and marmalades.

What made you start this business? When lockdown started in 2020 they closed the farmers markets and I missed shopping there so much that I was inspired to make a safe and secure way for people to shop for these products online, in addition to supporting these small businesses/producers through these hard times.

How do you choose the brands you work with? All my brands are made in South Africa and locally sourced. I only sell quality products that I believe in and can vouch for myself (having tasted or tried them so I can be 100% sure)

What does sustainability mean to you? Sustainability is not only about the environment, but also the economy. If we build and support local and small South African businesses, we will be able to help people not only support themselves and their families, but create possible employment opportunities within the community as well.

What do you feel is the biggest misconception out there when it comes to sustainable living? That it only means separating your trash into separate bins

What tip/s would you give to someone just starting out on their waste-free journey? Try to buy products that can be recycled, such as foods in glass jars, and try to waste as little food as possible by being creative with using leftovers.

What has been the most challenging part about living a zero-waste life? Recycling bins are not easy to find or at convenient locations. Recently I had old electronics that I needed to dispose of yet finding an e-waste recycler was incredibly difficult and time consuming.

What are 3 of your favourite products within your range?

Coffee, Honey and Chilli Sauce.

You can find Flavour Online on Facebook, Instagram and their website.

This is just one of the local brands that I have featured, you can find more here.


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