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In my attempt to be make more sustainable when it come to my fashion choices, I have started deep diving into different brands to learn more about what they are doing to be more sustainable.

adidas and Sustainability

In my attempt to be make more sustainable when it come to my fashion choices, I have started deep diving into different brands to learn more about what they are doing to be more sustainable. Overall, it has been an eye-opening experience but I have found some brands doing some meaningful things. Ages ago I saw Rachel Kolisi mention something about adidas and their drive to be more sustainable. I started doing my own research on them and found out they are doing some positive things when it comes to being more aware of the environment .


The challenge, I suppose, for all fashion brands is that in order to become more sustainable they have to make a lot of big, bold changes and at that cost’s money. So, I understand that changes happen slowly but adidas is making a lot of changes to how their clothes are made. This may seem like a small, insignificant thing but what stood out for me when I was reading up on adidas is that on their website, their sustainability page is right there, super easy to find. It is not hidden under pages or right at the bottom of the page, like an afterthought – it is right at the top of the page.


On their target page they have a mission statement of sorts – “Our ambition is to become a more sustainable company.” This is a realistic and sustainable statement. They are not trying to change everything overnight – they are simply trying too consistently do better.

adidas and sustainability | Life with HarassedMom

In 2019 adidas collaborated with Stella McCartney on a range of clothes and shoes that is dedicated to the reduction of waste in the production process. The range also includes items that are made from recycled plastics and other items that would normally end up in landfills.


Their commitment to sustainability began years ago, in 2015 they launched the adidas x Parley prototype shoe which was created from upcycled marine plastic waste and illegal seep-sea gillnets. Since then, they have built a supply chain for scale and the goal is to make millions of pairs of shoes using Parley Ocean Plastic.


adidas Terrex, a hiking range launched in 2021 is another brand in their sustainable portfolio. This initiative is a partnership with Parley for the Oceans and PrimaLoft, once again showing their commitment to bringing out more brands that are focused on reducing their carbon footprint, reducing waste and ensuring their process are ethical and sustainable.


Does adidas still have some work to do on their sustainable journey, definitely! But they know this and they do seem to be making consistently positive moves in the right direction. So many brands run a “green” PR campaign every now and then but adidas seems to have put their journey at the forefront of what they do.


But there is more. If you follow adidas you would have noticed they do some really cool collabs. In 2020 they did one of my favourite collabs with Crayola. This collab is everything! The bright colours, the invitation to create colour outside the lines – everything about is just perfect. And who can forget their 3 collections with Beyonce!


adidas and sustainability | Life with HarassedMom

Finally, adidas do have a plus size range, it is still small, but it is there and they have some very cool choices available. I have this jersey dress and these leggings on my wish list.


Living an eco-friendlier life is about making informed choices about the things we bring into our home and holding the brands we like accountable. It is also about making small changes because at the end of the day if we all make small changes, they do add up.




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  1. It is good to know that Adidas is doing well in relation to sustainability. This is good, I love the brand.

  2. No doubt Adidas is the best brand for me, affordable and quality. And using recycled materials is so amazing idea.

  3. It’s great to hear that Addidas have made a big effort to become a more sustainable brand over recent years. It sounds like they’ve done some great collaborations.

  4. I love Adidas and they are sustainable fashion. Most of my shoes are Adidas and they last very long.

  5. That is really good to know about Adidas. I didn’t know about the crayola collaboration, it looks really fun and colourful.

  6. Love that more brands are starting to make an effort to reduce waste and become more sustainable. We recently actually just bought the kids each a pair of adidas that they picked out.

  7. A collaboration between Crayola and Adidas is so stellar. I appreciate that they are leaning towards being more sustainable. Small steps matter.

  8. I’ve never really looked that deep into brands like this, so it’s good to have some more information. I do love that Adidas have a plus size range, even if it’s limited. I have a pair of joggers from them which are lovely x

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