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Shop Consciously (and save money)

For me, shopping consciously is the heart of our waste-free journey – learning how to shop consciously and intentionally. I am still trying to get it right. 

NY Times defines it as “Conscious consumption is an umbrella term that simply means engaging in the economy with more awareness of how your consumption impacts society at large. Shopping sustainably, with the intent to preserve the environment, is one way to consume more consciously.

To me conscious shopping is about shopping with purpose so that everything you purchase is done so with intention and focus. .

Think about it for a minute.

How often have you popped in to your local supermarket for a few things and worked out with a trolley full of stuff? It has happened to me – often. I would get distracted with specials, new items and stuff I think I need. I would often get home and not even remember putting certain things in the trolley. That is not shopping with intention. 

Now when I do go to the shops (which is not very often) I have a list and focus on buying items only. I still get distracted but before I just pile items in the trolley I ask myself if we really need it and if it makes me happy. I put the item back nearly every single time. 

This does not mean that I only buy essential items and nothing “nice” but rather it means that everything I buy has purpose in our home.

I have found it is easier to shop intentionally when I shop online. I have a few local brands that I order from weekly/monthly and I spend a few days adding items to my cart as we need them. Once I am done I re-check all the items again, making sure we do really need them. 

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