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Introducing Earth and Rose

This week I am sharing a brand that is literally up the road from me. Finding local brands like this that do not require couriers is also an important part of this waste-free journey. Deliveries need to be packaged and this packaging is always plastic, so finding brands locally that I shop easily is also important.

I discovered Earth and Rose a few weeks ago through a friend and we are hooked. We have been trying out the lavender soap and beeswax wraps that Shani makes herself. We also purchased a Back2Nature face mask and Zero Shampoo bar – I will be reviewing both of these.

Brand Name: Earth & Rose

Do you have a retail store, an online store or both? (If your products are available in other stores, please add those as well). Online only, www.earthandrose.co.za

What products do you offer? Artisan Soaps, Beeswax Wraps, Natural Skin care Products, Zero bar Shampoo bars, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Charcoal Toothpaste, Bamboo pot brushes

What made you start this business? I have always wanted my own business and with the pandemic it allowed me to finally get it started.  I however didn’t want just any old business, I wanted all my products to be sustainable.

How do you choose the brands you work with? I only work with Local brands who share the same values and vision for the future that I do.

What does sustainability mean to you? Sustainability means no single use products, All Natural and good for the consumer and the Environment

What do you feel is the biggest misconception out there when it comes to sustainable living? That it costs a lot of money to change, or that by only changing one thing that the consumer won’t make a difference. When in actual fact, even changing one thing will make a world or difference.

What tip/s would you give to someone just starting out on their waste-free journey? Start small, Rome wasn’t built in a day J

What has been the most challenging part about living a zero-waste life? The judgment from other people

What are 3 of your favourite products within your range? All the back 2 nature Facial products, My Lemongrass poppy seed soap and the Zero bar

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