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My Favourite Kitchen Swaps

The kitchen was probably the first place we made some major changes. A lot of the changes were super easy to make – things like using recycled glass jars, ditching cling wrap and making our own cleaning products was so easy. If I am really honest, I am not super domestic. I have never really paid much attention to what we use and how we use it. Until now.

It has taken some time for me to get the rest of the family on board with the changes we have made in the kitchen. Jane, our helper, is not too sure about the alternatives I have bought but she is rolling with the punches.

I can honestly say I never thought I would get as excited about cleaning brushes but these brushes make me happy (and they clean our pots and pans better than traditional scourers).

Bamboo Bottle Brush

I have the Natural Life Pot Scrubbing Brush and I love it. It makes you want to scrub pots. These brushes are made from FSC approved Bamboo that is naturally anti-microbial and the bristles are made from high quality palm fibres that are naturally strong and durable. This means that the brush is all natural.

Bamboo Bottle Brush

Storing everything in glass jars looks so pretty but those jars and bottles can be a mission to clean. This bamboo bottle brush makes it super easy. It reaches all the corners and cleans like a dream. This is also a Natural Life product, made from all natural items.

Dish Scrubbies

I hate kitchen sponges. They get so gross so quickly. We ended up going through so many because I would just throw them away when they got yukky. These little dish scrubbies are the best thing ever. They don’t get as slimy and oily as the sponges used to and when to do need to be cleaned, we just pop them in the washing machine. While you can’t really clean up spills with these, I do use them to wipe my counters down.

I buy all three of the above from Unwrapped but you can check your local bulk store if you have one or any waste-free online store should stock them.

Wooden Chopping Boards

We have a few chopping boards – all of them wooden. These are the easiest and most hygienic type of boards to use. They can be cleaned easily with boiling water and some vinegar. And the wooden boards always look so much nicer than the plastic ones.

Homemade Kitchen Cleaner

I haven’t bought kitchen cleaner in years. We now use only this homemade mix of orange or lemon peels soaked in vinegar. I top it up a few times before swapping the oranges/lemons out for new ones but it lasts for ages. We use it to spray our counters done. The best part is that it keeps the flies away as well as clean the counters. (Also it is super cheap).

Silicone Muffin Cases

I love this for so many reasons. They are so bright and colourful, they reduce the need for paper cases and your muffins/cupcakes come out easily every time. We do a lot of baking and are again, affordable and so much nicer to use than paper cases.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens – make sure that you spend that time using things that make you happy. Yes, using my homemade kitchen cleaner makes me incredibly happy. And chopping my veggies on our large wooden board also makes me smile every time.

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