My Favourite Waste-Free Influencers

My Favourite Waste-Free Influencers | Waste-free Living with HarassedMom

My favourite waste-free influencers

Everyone’s journey is completely different. Some people fall into waste-free living because they have to. For others it is a conscious decision they have made to live a more minimal lifestyle. Our journeys may all be different but that we can all learn from one another because there really is no right way to life waste-free or minimally and it is so much more than just switching to a material shopping bag!

There are so many amazing influencers in the waste-free space doing some really amazing stuff. Each of them are completely different and while they do share some similar content, each one has their own unique way of doing things.

These are four of my favourite influencers living waste-free.

The Whole Foods Diary

Kez was one of the first waste-free people I started following and I absolutely LOVE her. She does waste-free on a budget and makes it seem totally doable. I have found some really handy tips by following her – like turning oats into flour for pretty much anything. She is currently pregnant with baby no 3 so if you are wondering about waste-free living while pregnant and with a baby – go follow her.

The Junkyard Journals

I LOVE Kat. She actually makes money every now and then from living waste-free. I love her honesty, she buys plastic sometimes or every now and then buys something she doesn’t necessarily need. She also isn’t shy to call brands out. For tips on upcycling, DIY etc, follow her.

Going Zero Waste.

I only recently started following Kathryn but I am really enjoying her content. She shares practical advise on small changes you can make. I also like that she shares updates on positive changes brands and companies are making.

The Refillery

This is a brand account but Sam shares some really great tips and recipes that focus on waste-free living. She also shares handy tips and ideas for reducing packaging and plastic. This is an SA based account so the products she shares are all available locally.

These are my favourite waste-free influencers, who are yours?



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