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My Mother’s Day Wish List

“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.” —Susan Gale

Do you know the origins of Mother’s Day? This year the kids and I are learning about the origins of all the celebratory days in our calendar. I am learning something new about each day.

Mother’s Day was started in the early 1900 by Anna Jarvis after the death of her mother in 1905. She decided to start a movement to honor the sacrifices that mothers have made for the children. She arranged the first official Mother’s Day celebration in 1908 in a Methodist Church in West Virginia. She went on to campaign until Mother’s Day was added to the national calendar. Eventually after the movement gained traction it was added to the national calendar by President Woodrow Wilson.

What is interesting is that Jarvis never went on to have children and actually didn’t want the day to become commercialized – her intention was for it to become a celebration by families to honor their mothers. She actually started campaigning against the commercialization of Mother’s Day.

Interesting right? I did not know that this is where it originated.

I have such mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. I get it but I also don’t get it. I am not going to be cheesy and say that we should appreciate our mothers all year around, because we should, I am just not sure we need a whole day dedicated to it?

That said, my family are really great on Mother’s Day.

While I (seriously) don’t want anything other than maybe to not have to cook! It is always fun to make wish lists, right?

My Mother’s Day Wish List

Plants. I am now adding this to all my lists! I recently discovered Grow with the Flow and have ordered some plants from them and they are amazing. Not only is their customer service incredible, their plants are amazing and they have a really great selection. They have a lot of really cool combos, making it easier to grow your collection.

Positive Pants. I received a pair of these pants for my birthday from Candice and Marcia and they are AMAZING. They have the funkiest designs and are so incredibly soft AND when you wear them you feel like Kim Kardashian! Seriously these are the nicest leggings I have ever worn,

Himalayan Salt Lamp. I would love to add more than just one to our home. Our local crystal store has a few stunning ones I would love to get. Not sure about the benefits of Himalayan lamps – this article explains it all.

Coffee. Yup, obviously I have to add coffee to the list but not just any coffee, it has to be Terbodore coffee. I would love the Salted Caramel flavour and/or the Italian Hazelnut and obviously the This is Africa flavour.

A Retreat. This is a bit of an extravagant gift but I would absolutely love to attend one of these retreats. They have a lot of different experiences you can go on, depending on what you need/want. How stunning does this place look? So secluded and peaceful.

What is on your Mother’s Day wish list?


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