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Our Priorities are Different

We do not have the same priorities. And that is ok!

Recently I met a friend for coffee. We are both homeschoolers but she is a lot stricter with a few things than I am – her family follows a strict no sugar, dairy or gluten diet and she runs her day on a pretty tight schedule. While we were chatting the table behind us ordered 3 huge waffles for their kids. The waffles were piled high with marshmallows and syrup – they looked absolutely delicious but in stark contrast to my friend. Then the table behind them was two new moms with babies about 6 months old. In the two hours we were there they finished 2 bottles of wine. Again nothing wrong with that at all – I have been a new mom, sometimes you just need a wine date with a good friend. 

Each one of these families had different priorities. None of them were wrong. Each was doing what was right for them in that moment. 

I think we often forget this. It doesn’t matter what research I do about waste-free living or what stats I have about the damage it is doing – if it is something you want to prioritise, it will not be important to you. And that is ok. 

It does not mean I have to stop trying to share what I know with you, it just means that when you don’t change immediately (or at all), I have to be ok with it. 

We all make decisions based on what we feel is the right for our family. Sometimes we realise it is the wrong decision and we learn, change and do better. 

The reality is that with the mass of information out there anyone can find articles, research and facts to support what they believe. Living a waste-free, sustainable life is important to me, so I find information and research to support that because it is my reality. Just like an anti-vaxxer will find information to support what they believe. 

Very often there is absolutely no motivation to change or to adjust because life is just working. 

If all my kids were like Cameron, there would have been no motivation to homeschool. He functioned really well within the schooling system – it worked for him.

If my mom hadn’t been looking for answers to our health issues, I would never have learnt about how bad gluten is for us.

We don’t all have the same life experiences so we don’t all learn the same lessons at the same time and very often the lessons I learn are not what you have learnt or what you want to learn.

And that is ok. 

The point I am trying to make is that we can not judge someone for not making the choices we make. EVEN when we feel we have facts and science on our side. We can definitely disagree and depending how strongly you feel about the particular topic, you can even share what you have learnt and in extreme cases you can walk away from that person but trying to force people to see things the way you do is not productive or effective.

Just a disclaimer: I am also guilty of this – when I saw those waffles go passed I did think “wooah do your kids need all that sugar” and when I see people unpack piles of groceries with plastic packaging it does make me cringe a little but I am not about to go calling everyone out over everything they do – especially when I don’t really know them.

We have so much to worry about at the moment – we shouldn’t still have to spend energy trying to justify our choices.

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