Are you taking part in Plastic Free July? How is it going? We have had a pretty slow start here but we do focus all year round on being plastic free which helps.

Plastic Free July - An Update

The last 3 months have been a wild ride. It started with Emma’s appendix, then we went straight into a trip to Cape Town, some personal family medical issues, David signing a big deal and working crazy hours and of course, stage 6 loadshedding. 

A few of the brands I follow started building up to Plastic Free July in June and I thought I had enough time to get something out – turns out, I did not because it’s the 18th July and I am only now getting to it.

The truth is, it has not been our best plastic free month. Fortunately in general we try to limit our plastic consumption, I am pretty proud of our efforts so far but sometimes life gets in the way and convenience wins. If we are honest, picking the plastic or single use option very often comes down to convenience. 

It is convenient to order take out when the loadshedding schedules suddenly change and you have nothing planned for dinner. 

It is convenient to grab a to-go coffee on the way to a meeting. 

It is convenient to just grab chopped up veggies. 

It is convenient to grab a packet sauce to throw over dinner. 

I have given in to a few of these over the past few weeks because it has just been easier in the moment. I do console myself with the fact that because we are intentional about our single use consumption 80% of the time, it is ok to slip up now and then.

We recently redid our study and simple things like curtain rails brought more plastic into our home than I would have liked. I did try to find second hand items but it is not as simple or easy. 

I am not sure I feel guilty about it but rather frustrated at myself and at retailers for now having the options I want conveniently available. 


Despite the frustrations, there are always wins!

  • Our fresh produce is completely plastic-free. 
  • My dry goods are completely plastic-free. 
  • I try as much as possible to pick glass or tin for the items I still do buy at the supermarket.
  • I bought all my new winter clothes secondhand off Yaga
  • We have cut down on our red meat consumption dramatically. (I know its not really a plastic issue but less meat, means less packaging).

The biggest achievement for me on this journey is that my kids are now so much more aware of what they consume.

I think the point of Plastic Free July is to start small. Make small, sustainable choices that work for your family – even if that is just remembering your reusable shopping bags. 

How is your plastic free journey going?




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