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Product Review: Earthly Toothbits

Earthly Toothbits: Yes or No

Change is not always easy or possible. Sometimes it takes a while to make the decision to actually make a change. Most of the changes we have made in our waste-free journey have been pretty easy and quick to make. But some, like changing toothpaste, take a little longer to make. Well they did for me anyway.

“An estimated 400 million toothpaste tubes are discarded every year in the U.S., and at least 1.5 billion globally.” Credit

That is A LOT of toothpaste tubes clogging up landfills!! So I am keen to find an alternative that works for our family and our budget but it is proving a little challenging. This is the challenge with trying to move away from plastic, it is not always realistically possibly for you to do right now but I figure if we still try to make a small change, it is better than no change.

I saw the Earthly Toothbits one day when I was doing my monthly online shop and they just looked weird. So I searched for a video showing how to use them and it was just as weird! I kinda just parked the idea and made changes in other places. But last year I had reached the point in our bathroom swaps where it was now or never, so I ordered a tin of Earthly Toothbits.

What was the verdict?

I have made a short video on my thoughts – go watch it and find out if I managed to get it right!

Have you made the switch to Earthly Toothbits? Or have you found another sustainable option?


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