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Reduce The Energy Waste In Your Home

Leading a waste free life is not only about reducing your plastic consumption and recycling. Waste free living is about reducing waste in all areas of your life. Every home produces a lot of energy waste, most of it can be prevented or at the very least reduced. If you reduce the energy waste in your home, not only will you bring down your electricity bill but you will also be kinder to the environment.

Reduce The Energy Waste In Your Home with HarassedMom

These are just a few ways you an reduce the energy waste in your home.


Unless your appliances are unplug they are still on and consuming energy. They may not be pulling a lot of energy on their own but combined it all adds up. When you are not using your washing machine, TV, microwave etc switch them off at the plug. Think about what appliances are currently plugged in, in your home, there may be more than you think.

When you are investing in a new washing machine, dishwasher and fridge, look for brands that offer environmentally models.

Reduce Appliances

While on the topic of appliances, do an appliance clean out. Remove TV’s from rooms, get rid of appliances you don’t use any more. Look at the lamps you have in the rooms in your home, do you really need them. Do you still have a hi-fi set up but you never use it?

Heating and Cooling

We got rid of all heaters a few years ago and honestly we have never really felt the need to buy more. (I will admit this winter is making us re-evaluate). I am not saying you also have to get rid of heaters, but if you do have some, use them wisely. Same applies to summer cooling, find options that are effective and energy efficient like upright fans or ceiling fans.

While I am not a huge air con fan, you can get solar powered air cons that are energy efficient and kind to the environment.

Change out the light bulbs

You can do this slowly, as your bulbs burst, replace them with LED lights. LED lights use up to 80% less energy and last up to 25 times longer. They may cost more than your regular light bulbs but they last longer so they do work out cheaper in the long run.

Switch off lights when you aren’t using them. This drives me nuts because my kids leave lights on everywhere so I have to walk around behind them switching the lights off.

Save Water

When we started actively saving water, we were shocked with just how much water we wasted. When you run the hot water tap in our sink, FIVE liters of cold water comes out before it gets hot! FIVE LITERS we just let run down the drain!! We now save that water for the garden or the indoor plants. We don’t flush the toilet unnecessarily. Bath and shower water gets used for the garden or toilets. It does take a little effort but it is now a way of life for us.

Go Solar

Going solar is the goal, right? I would love to switch over to solar. There are so many benefits to going solar, it is kinder to the environment and you aren’t dependent on Eskom. It is possible to make the change gradually and if you can, then it is definitely something you should consider.

How to you reduce energy waste in your home?

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  1. 24 March, 2021 / 5:54 pm

    These are great tips! Thank you for sahring.
    Glad I popped by your blog.


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