Sustainable Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Sustainable (and cheap) Easter Gift Ideas for Kids | Waste-Free Living with HarassedMom

Over the years holidays have almost become an excuse to buy more stuff we don’t really need. In the lead up to Easter I have seen so many posts about Easter baskets and gifts and suggestions on what to buy for children for the Easter celebration.

Is it necessary?

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE a celebration that focuses on chocolate but I don’t think the focus needs to be who gets the most chocolate. I definitely don’t think we need to be creating big baskets full of toys and other goodies. That said, we do celebrate but it has toned down a lot over the years.

I have been looking out for cute, sustainable Easter ideas that aren’t necessarily chocolate and I have found some pretty awesome ideas.

Fun Sustainable (and cheap) Easter Gift Ideas

Seed Paper Easter Eggs – How cute are these? They are eggs made from seed paper that you can still hide for the kids and then get them to plant them. If you wanted to make a Easter basket you could add some flower pots, gloves spades etc.

Bath Bombs – I spotted these a while ago walking past a Rain store. They have these really cool earth eggs and a range of fizz balls shaped liked Easter eggs. These are super cool and walking into a Rain store is a treat all of its own, right?

Stock up on treats from the Refillery – Did you know the Refillery has sweets and chocolates. You can take some pretty jars, full them up and add them to your treats. For a real treat stock up on some of their Cheaky & Co Orbs – they are so delicious.

Make your own Easter eggs – Get some chocolate drops (we love the Unwrapped ones), melt them and pop them into some molds. I have a collection of molds that I have collected over the years but you can also use silicone baking trays – you can get them in a range of different shapes.

Get reusable eggs – I bought these eggs 2 years ago. They are still plastic but we have used them for a range of different things. You can pop some Orbs in them and hide them for the kids. Collect them up and reuse them next year.

Shop second hand – The idea of putting everything into a basket is pretty cute. If you do want to get one, check your local charity shop, they will more than likely have a pretty awesome collection of baskets for you to choose from that are dirt cheap.

I think the point really is to not buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff. It is so easy to have FOMO, especially when you see adverts everywhere you look for chocolate and toys and hampers. It can feel like you are cheating your child out of some amazing experience by not buying them a pile of chocolate. But I think the opposite is true. If you focus on buying them things they will genuinely value the experience will be a lot better.

How do you celebrate Easter?

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