Sustainable Terms You Need to Know |Sustainable Living with HarassedMom
So many different sustainable terms are thrown around all the time when it comes to sustainability but what do they all mean?

Sustainable Terms You Need to Know

Sustainability. Biodegradable. Global Warming. Fast Fashion.

So many different terms are thrown around all the time when it comes to sustainability but what do they all mean?

I have put together a few of the more common terms that are used and explained them in an easy to understand way.

Sustainable Terms You Need to Know |Sustainable Living with HarassedMom

Biodegradable: This means that the the item will degrade over time by utilising microorganisms, such as fungus or bacteria. These products will breakdown on their own over a long period of time. It is not the same as compostable.

Carbon Footprint: The greenhouse gases that are released by an individual or a business over a period of time.

Carbon Neutral: Simply put this means you are using as much carbon as you are releasing into the atmosphere.

Circular Economy: A cycle where goods are created in such a way that reduces waste, increases reuse of products during manufacturing.

Compostable: Anything that can be broken down in a compost system.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Roadmaps that large organisations have to decrease their carbon footprint, increase sustainability and decrease their overall impact on the environment.

Eco-Friendly: These are products and services that are kind to the environment. There is no certification for this but it is a common term used in green washing.

Fair Trade: A movement that focuses on supporting producers, the protection of workers’ rights and the support of the environment. There is a certification for this, look out for it on the products you are buying.

Fast Fashion: The mass production of low quality fashion to (generally) be sold cheaply.

Global Warming: The consequences of an increase in greenhouse gas emissions by humans.

Green Living: A lifestyle that aims to reduce a persons carbon footprint by living more sustainable.

Greenhouse Effect: This effect is the gases that are produced naturally and by human activities, that are continuously contributing to the warming of the planet by trapping the sun’s rays.

Greenwashing: As sustainable living becomes more popular, brands are greenwashing more. Greenwashing happens when companies lie or make false claims about their product process and products. It includes when brands highlight sustainable issues to imply they are a sustainable brand.

Linear Economy: Traditional economy where products are produced to be used and then discarded.

Minimalism: The movement where you buy less, use less and waste less.
Organic: Organic products are made from raw materials that have not been genetically modified. No chemical pesticides or insecticides have been used during the farming processes. There is a certification for this.

Recyclable: If it can be broken down or transformed into a different product, it is recyclable.

Slow Fashion: Buying less fashion that is of a higher quality, reusing clothes and buying from brands that treat their staff well, don’t harm animals or the environment. Kate Fletcher at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion came up with this term.

Sustainable: Focusing on maintaining ecological balance by decreasing depletion of natural resources.


Sustainable Terms You Need to Know |Sustainable Living with HarassedMom



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