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Get Back 2 Nature with these products

I have had a tumultuous relationship with skin care products. I have pretty sensitive skin so the products loaded with chemicals just don’t work and the organic, natural products have often been out of my price range. 

The struggle was real. 

When I started focusing on living more sustainably, I started looking for skin care products. While I don’t get break outs anymore my skin was starting to look a little sad – so I really needed something to help with hydration .

A lot of the sustainable, vegan brands are really expensive and I have bought enough expensive products to know that expensive doesn’t always mean better. 

I get all of my dry groceries from Unwrapped and when they added Back2Nature  to their store, I ummed and ahhed for a while before getting it earlier this year. 

I started with their Face Food because it was winter and my skin was like sandpaper. I loved it and so did my skin. It isn’t fragranced and is very light, so you don’t feel like you even have anything on your face. 

The little tub I bought lasted me 2 months which makes the product super affordable. 

About a month later I bought their night cream. I will admit I do tend to forget my nighttime routine but this cream is lovely and when I do use it regularly I can definitely see and feel the difference. 

Next on my list to try is their shampoo – my shampoo bars are just not working for me anymore.  

All of their products are vegan, locally made and their packaging is sustainable. They also donate 7% of all their online sales to the Litterboom Project.

The entire Back2Nature brand tick all of the boxes that are important to me – it is locally made, sustainable, cruelty-free and affordable AND it works for me. 

What is your favourite skin care brand?

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  1. Ooh, this moisturiser and brand look great. I only use vegan and cruelty free too and even better when eco friendly of course so it’s great to find new brands xxx

  2. I want to live more sustainably, and Im glad I found these products through your blog. They are all I need for my skincare routine.

  3. Seems like this product is great. I will check this out later. I think my skin really needs this product.

  4. The night cream sounds great. I’m pleased to hear that you could see a difference and feel a difference after use.

  5. Sounds like a really wonderful product and I’m so glad you found one you love that suits your skin! It’s tough finding the right product…definitely need to look into it!

  6. I don’t think I have an absolute favourite skincare brand. I think a lot of brands do particular things that work for my skin very well, so it’s good you’ve found a brand that works for you x

  7. I do love Philosophy but enjoy other skincare brands as well and always love trying new products too. These sound wonderful!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this detailed post of each. Very informative & good explanation for my read. Gonna check out for my skincare routine. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com

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