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Tips to go Plastic Free in the Bathroom

The bathroom often feels like a collection point for plastic bottles. Shampoo, make up, body wash, toothpaste, tooth brushes – ALL of it comes in plastic bottles or wrapped in plastic. Our bathrooms are not plastic free yet but we have managed to dramatically reduce the amount of products we use. These are a few tips to go plastic free in the bathroom.

The key to reducing waste in the bathroom, and in the kitchen actually, is to embrace the idea of minimal living. We used to have tubs and tubes of lotions and potions until I just stopped buying more. We used what we had and then replaced only what we actually used every day. Now our sink and shower is not cluttered with products that we didn’t really need.

Fortunately I am not a big beauty lover so don’t have a big collection of makeup and before I buy something new I make sure it is something I need rather than just want. We often think we need to have a lot of stuff but the truth is we don’t!

Tips to go Plastic Free in the Bathroom

Use shampoo bars. Kiara has already expressed an interest in trying this out and I think we have found a brand to try. If you use shampoo bars they eliminate the need for plastic bottles of shampoo. What we do now to reduce buying bottles each month is we buy the big pump action bottle from Organics and then buy the refills. The pump action controls the amount the kids use and then the refills get cut up and put into our eco-brick.

Ditch the shower gels. We only use bars of soap both in the bath/shower and to wash hands. Again by using bars you eliminate the need for plastic bottles.

Swap out your cotton wool pads/wet wipes. Consider what you are using your cotton wool for. If you use it to remove make up, opt for a makeup eraser instead. You can remove nail polish with recycled towels. Check out these cool pads!

Opt for bamboo toothbrushes. There are a range of options when it comes to plastic-free toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are cheaper than some of the plastic options so the switch is easy!

Stop with the razors. Invest in one of these safety razors and say good bye to horrible plastic razors that clog up landfills!!

Say goodbye to sanitary pads and tampons. I will admit that while I totally get why this swap is important, I am yet to make it. Swapping out your pads/tampons for a menstrual cup is much kinder for the environment and you are body.

I found this company on Instagram recently and it has made me incredibly happy. They have food items all sold in glass! But they also have a very cool zero waste bathroom bundle to help you get started on your waste free living.

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