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Why Waste-free is Important to Me

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. – Hans Hofmann

I have been sharing our life story here on HarassedMom for over 14 years! That is a long time, right? It really has become my 5th child. Like children, it has changed, grown and evolved. When I started writing here, I was a single mom dating and muddling my way through a messy divorce. Then I met David and we went from a family of four to a family of 6, with a wedding in the middle. I transitioned from a working mom to a stay at home mom to a mom running her own business from home. We started our homeschooling journey and Cameron is about to fly the nest!

It has been a wild ride and I have loved sharing our journey with you but it is, once again time for change!

If I am honest I feel like I have written all I can about parenting. My children are now all of an age where they no longer want to share their challenges and struggles with the world. Even though Cameron shares HarassedMom freely with this people. I also feel like you are all tired of me writing about parenting. There really is only so much to say on the topic, right?

So what happens now?

Now I pivot (yes, yes I said pivot). I have shared a little bit about our journey to a waste-free journey. It is something I am becoming more and more passionate about. Lockdown has helped me to realise just how little we really do need and it has helped us transition to a waste-free life.

So I have decided to shift the focus from all things parenting to all things waste-free. There is so much I want to talk about this and so many brands I want to share with you. There is so much to say that I am in the process of setting up my YouTube channel to share video content with you all. (Things definitely are changing.)

I would love it if you joined me this new journey and together we can try to make the world a little better.


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