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Zero-waste Living for Beginners

Do you want to live a waste-free life but aren’t sure how or where to start? It can be pretty overwhelming. A lot of the zero-waste influencers you find online really seem to have their sh&t together – it can seem unattainable if you spend too much time comparing your journey to theirs.

Changing how you live and how you shop will take time but the important thing is that you start.

One small change today will make a difference tomorrow.

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These are a collection of posts to help you get started.

Start with these simple swaps – plan to swap one thing each month!

While I don’t recommend you throwing out everything you own in one go, there are a few items I consider to be zero-waste essentials.

The list of zero-waste retailers in South Africa is growing. I have started a list to help you find zero-waste shops near you.

If you don’t have any bulk stores near you, it is possible to still shop consciously and probably save money in the process.

A big part of this journey is education, knowing what plastic can be recycled and what not means you can start making smarter choices when it comes to packaging and how you recycle.

Starting a compost heap is easier than you thought and can be done, even if you have no actual garden. This is an easy way to help reduce the kitchen waste you are producing.

I am working on a comprehensive waste-free guide to help you make the switch. If you want to receive it, please subscribe to my weekly newsletter and be the first to have access.


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