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Ziploc Bag Alternatives

The invention of the ziploc bag was probably one of the best things since sliced bread – especially for busy moms! They have so many uses from snacks to freezer meals to marinading to storing stationery. The possibilities are endless. What made the ziploc bag so smart was that it was designed to be used a few times, the plastic was thicker than a normal plastic bag and the fact you could ziploc it shut meant you could store anything in them safely.

I have used ziploc bags countless times and if I am honest every now and then I still use them, they are just so handy. But they are also made from plastic and there are a lot more types available now, not all of them are high quality and many can’t be reused.

What are the alternatives I hear you ask? And why should we even consider alternatives?

Without sounding like a broken record the answer is simple – we need to reduce our single use plastic. 8 million tons of plastic is entering the ocean each year. On a recent trip to Cape Town I was pretty shocked at the amount of plastic coming out of the ocean.

Ziploc Bag Alternatives | Sustainable Living with HarassedMom

I don’t buy ziploc bags any more, there are a few things we use as alternatives.

Beeswax wraps and sandwich bags – we have a few beeswax wraps and they are great. The challenge with these is washing them removes the beeswax and you will have to reapply or get new ones. They are great if you are using them for food that won’t leave behind too much mess. The sandwich bags are a little better and work well for packed lunches.

Stasher silicone bags – I haven’t bought these yet because they are very expensive and I haven’t needed them. If you make freezer meals or have a toddler that you pack snacks for often, these are a good investment but I am still a little sceptical that they are worth the price.

Stainless steel lunch tins – I love these for lunches. They are durable and come in a range of different designs and sizes – perfect for little people and adults. You can pack your child’s lunch easily without the need for ziploc bags. They are also great for storing leftovers.

Pyrex glass dishes – These are ideal if you freeze a lot of food. They are safe to go in the freezer and can be easily stacked and stored in your freezer. Yes they will take up a lot more space than ziploc bags would but you can make it work.

Glass jars – We have a constantly growing glass jar collection and this is what we use as alternatives to ziploc bags most of the time. I use them when we go on picnics, for storage and pretty much anything in between.


Ziploc Bag Alternatives | Sustainable Living with HarassedMom

What about the ziploc bags you already have?

The key to sustainable living is to use everything you have before replacing it. If you already have a stash of ziploc bags, use them up but try to find alternatives when you do need them. Reuse them wherever possible. The original ziploc bags are made from a thicker plastic which means you can rewash them and reuse them.

When you are done with them recycle them or place them in your eco-bricks to try prevent them from ending up in the oceans or landfill.

If you are just starting out on your journey to a more sustainable life, this is not something I would prioritise. There are so many more, easier changes you can make to start with and along that journey you will discover you don’t actually need the ziploc bags.



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