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What brings you joy?

What brings you joy?

I don’t mean what makes you happy but rather what lights your life up and brings you joy – real, intense joy.

If you know what brings you joy, is it a part of your daily life?

So often, life takes hold of us and we get so caught up in the things that must get done that we forget to add the things that we want to do. The current situation has been particularly stressful and so many of us have been focused (more so now) on holding everything together that we have lost sight of what really brings us joy.

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. One of the ladies I listen to, who is doing what she loves and is happy with her life, was asked by a friend if she has joy in her life.When she thought about it, she realised she had stopped adding joy in her life!

What is joy?

Joy is not something big and bold and life changing. Joy is in the small things.

💜 Joy is a long hot bath.

💜 Joy is baking.

💜 Joy is lighting a scented candle, simply for the sake of having the fragrance fill your home.

💜 Joy is sitting in the sun, reading a book or just simply being still.

💜 Joy is painting or drawing or coloring.

💜 Joy is a good cup of coffee.

💜 Joy is a yoga class or a long run.

💜 Joy is buying new plants for home.

 “Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.” – Kevin Kruse

Joy is whatever lights you up and makes you smile. Joy is very seldom “stuff”. Joy is always an experience, a moment. As I learn to accept that things won’t make us happy, the more joy I discover in the every day things of our life!

What brings me joy?

I struggle to focus on what I need. I really struggle to take the time out to do something just for me. I know it is something many of us battle with. We know it is important but we don’t prioritize it.

I am trying to change that and focus on the things what bring me joy.

🧡 I have started growing our indoor plant collection. Walking past the growing plants all over the house, makes me smile every single time.

🧡 My weekly orders from Unwrapped bring me so much joy. Seeing the box of glass bottles arrive each week make me so incredibly happy.

🧡 Waking up early, before the rest of my family and enjoying a good cup of coffee allows me to start the day with joy.

🧡 Spending time in the bush brings me such joy. I booked our recent trip because I needed it.

Photo by Galina N on Unsplash

Our journey to a more sustainable lifestyle is not just about “things” it is a complete change in what we focus on and what is important to us.

What brings YOU joy? And more importantly, do you focus on it?


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