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What was hot in October

Here we are again, another month end. Another month closer to the end of the year. Another month closer to the long awaited Christmas holidays. Another month closer to Jack starting Grade 1. Another month closer to the start of 2018 where we get to do it all over again.

I am not sure where October went, it was a bit of a blur, so much so that I pulled out of Santa Shoebox last minute because there was just too much going on and I was dropping balls left, right and centre. One of my children also had a bit of a personal crisis and it made me realise that I haven’t been giving my family the attention they deserve.

I discovered some really great products this month, some were sent to me and others I have bought. I haven’t had time to share some of them so these are the products that I am loving this month.

Hey Baby Teething biscuits – I received these for Baby R but actually have bought them for Emma and Jack. They have added some flavours to the mix and they have really helped with Baby R’s itchy gums. The poor kid has cut about 6 teeth since he has been with us.Hey Baby|HarassedMom

Super Shake – I received this from the Wellness Warehouse and it is SO divine. I am not sure it really energises me but it is like liquid chocolate. My kids don’t like it which is even better, so I don’t have to hide it! 

Rhubarb and Custard Sling – this sling is one of the donated slings for my #WrapABaby project but on Sunday we were a little desperate with Baby R so we got this one out and he was instantly calm. I think he likes the feeling of being close to us. Baby Sling|HarassedMom

Checkers Beef Pie – I don’t generally pie ready made meals, mainly because none of them are ever big enough to feed my family. But I spotted this pie at Checkers and the kids had been asking for a pie for ages so I got it. It is almost big enough for us all. It is delicious though, everyone wolfed it down even Baby R.  Beef Pie|HarassedMom

Supre – I took Kiara to look for some clothes, she wanted to go to Cotton On because she likes the material they use on their shorts. They didn’t really have much in her size so we went to Supre which was next door and I was actually really surprised but the clothes there. It is clearly aimed at tweens and teens but the clothes are practical and not skimpy stuff that shows half their body. As a parent it is definitely one of my favourite stores for young girls. If you are in Pretoria the one at Atterbury has a sale on. 

What did you discover this month?

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  1. Tracey
    15 November, 2017 / 9:52 am

    Teen clothing…..give Soda Bloc a try. Its affordable and funky. There is one in menlyn by the food court

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