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When you organise it all, except for the keys!

Some days, as mothers, we get it right. Then there are other days where we get it a little bit wrong (ok so maybe some of us get it VERY wrong ). I try not sweat the small stuff when I get it wrong because usually it is things like forgetting the flavour of 2-minute noodles the kids like and buying the wrong ones or forgetting to buy something. It is generally stuff that can be fixed pretty easily.

Last week David and I had to attend a training session in Joburg (deep in the heart of Sandton). This meant I had to use my ninja skills to make sure all 4 kids were collected at the right places and taken to their respective extra-muruals and then either bought home or taken back to whoever they were staying with. I organised dinner for Cameron as he would be the only one coming home. 

Guys, I was feeling so chuffed with myself. Everything was running so well.

I called Cameron after swimming to tell him where his lift was waiting for him. It is now 17h15. I am still deep in the heart of Sandton waiting for some of the people we drove with to finish up. Cameron then asks me where I left the keys for the house!

Crash, boom, bang, the ball dropped and smashed all over the floor. The balls I was high fiving myself for keeping up, they fell because one key was in my bag and the other key in David’s pocket! There was no key for Cameron and we were, at best 45 minutes away.

Fortunately Cameron has set the bar pretty low for me so he kinda expected it and resigned himself to waiting outside for us. We only left Sandton after 17h30 after spending too much time discussing the standstill traffic we could see from the venue we were at. 

Because life isn’t without a sense of humor when we arrived at the place everyone had left their cars we discovered it was all locked up and we had no access to the cars inside. It was almost 19h00 at this point and everyone was pretty much having a major sense of humor fail. David sorted it out but I left them all on the side of the road and went to rescue Cameron, who doesn’t have much sense of humor on a good day, so you can only imagine what greeted me!

I managed to whip him up some food (I nearly kissed my Whirlpool Jet Chef and its crazy skills) and he seemed content enough.

Then David arrived with Emma, in tears. Poor kid was exhausted and over stimulated so bed time was hell. She physically attacked me, she screamed, she yelled, she threw things and eventually about 30 minutes later gave in and fell asleep.

It was about 20h30 when there was calm in our home. 

It was not the best day for us, any of us but we all survived. No one went to bed hungry, cold or feeling unloved so the things that count were all covered. 

Please tell me when you dropped the ball! I am hoping I am not alone!

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  1. 19 March, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    Man oh Man, I drop the Balls all the time. My favorite thing at the moment to do seems to be to sign up to make something for a Grade cake Sale and then only remember it at 7 am the morning of the affair. It’s happened twice now, in a row, but thankfully for different grades. There is a very good reason I am not on the PTA.
    Celeste Booysen recently posted…Friday Favourites Parenting Blogs RoundupMy Profile

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