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Why I am NOT buying anything on Black Friday

The adverts have started! Retailers everywhere are gearing up for Black Friday! We are being bombarded with deals and adverts for things we must have.

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Three years ago when Black Friday starting becoming a thing in South Africa, I (unknowingly) ran into PnP for a few things (literally like 5 things we needed) and found myself being squished and squashed by aggressive shoppers trying to take advantage of the supposed deals. So I took a (quick) look at some of the deals they were trying to stop me from getting to. The items that were marked down were items usually marked down during the month and none of the deals I saw were actually less than what they are normally when on special. Yes people were pushing me out the way to get to them.

It was the first and last time I was in a store on Black Friday.

If you want to shop Black Friday specials that is great but I shall not be taking part.

  1. We have enough stuff. I actually made about video about this. It can be tempting to buy things on special just because they are on special but do you really need those things? Like REALLY need them? I am pretty sure you don’t.

2. The specials aren’t really specials. One of my ninja skills is finding the specials each month. I have never paid the full price for the coffee we drink. It is on special every month at one of the major retailers and last year the Black Friday special on the coffee we drink was actually MORE than what it actually costs.

3. The crowds are just too much. I am not sure what the plan is for this year with COVID still a thing. I can’t shop with a mass of people pushing me and grabbing and losing their collective minds. Honestly this alone is why I avoid the shops the entire Black Friday weekend.

I am not a complete shopping grinch, you can still take part in Black Friday and buy stuff you actually want.

Buy local. Check out your favourite local brands, many of them do have Black Friday sales so you may find your favourite products on sale and you will be helping a small business to grow.

Save. Instead of buying anything, put that money towards going away or something bigger that you really want.

Support a charity. If you really do want to brave the crowds, take advantage of the specials and donate to a charity. Kindness Like Confetti are always in need of grocery items.

Shop online. The pandemic has seen many retailers up their online game and I am sure that there will be deals online. Shopping online is calmer, you can look for what you want in calm and not be tempted to buy random things you don’t really need.

How do you feel about Black Friday? Do you save up for things to buy or do you skip it?


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