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Must Have Apps For Work From Home Moms

I will admit that I am more of a pen and paper kinda gal. I have tried a few apps over the years and a few have worked but I work best with my planners, notebooks and brightly coloured pens. But I know there are moms who work well with apps, so I have put together a list of some of the apps I use/d as well as some of the apps other moms highly recommend. Must Have Apps For Work From Home Moms | HarassedMom

Evernote: If there is one app you download, it is this one. It makes life really easy and is a one stop filing cabinet for links, images, notes and more. You can add an extension to Chrome as well and then it syncs between your phone and laptop.

Cozi: I tried this app out for a bit and it is pretty cool to organise your family. You can sync schedules, organise to do lists and more. It is a really cool app for keeping all your family stuff in one place. 

Camscan: I don’t have a printer/scanner but often get asked to scan documents in and this app is great for that. It is quick and easy and can convert the files into the format you need.

Google Drive: This may be the reason I never go back to Apple. I have the Google Drive app and it syncs all the documents on my phone and so I can access everything that’s on my desktop on my phone. I never have to do anything, it just syncs and is affordable if you have a lot of files.

Starbucks: Did you know you can pay for your coffee with this app? I love it, you load some cash and then scan and earn points. The bonus is I forget I have put money on and then check it and bam its like finding R100 in an old jacket pocket.

What are some of your favourite apps?

This post forms part of my 31 days to achieve work life balance as a work from home mom.

Must Have Apps For Work From Home Moms | HarassedMom





  1. 10 November, 2018 / 8:06 am

    Toggl is an absolute MUST!! As an accountant most of my job is time-based, so Toggl is something I can’t live without. Another vital app for me is waveapps for invoicing. They also gave a receipts app where you take a photo of your slip and it automatically adds it to your expenses.

  2. 14 November, 2018 / 4:16 pm

    I’m the same when it comes to paper and pencils instead of pens for me.

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