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Quick Dinner Ideas For Work At Home Moms

Cooking dinner is my worst chore. Even though I do have a little more time to do it than when I was working in an office, I still hate it. Yeah I just admitted I hate cooking dinner. I think it is because its often such a rush and while I wish I was that mom who tried different delicious meals, honestly the last thing I want to do at 16h00 every day is try a new recipe that my family may or may not even eat. Quick Dinner Ideas For Work At Home Moms |HarassedMom

So I have mastered the art of quick dinners. We do eat a lot of the same things, which is not always ideal but I do try every now and then to add in something new. David cooks every Thursday and often on the weekend and he is a lot more adventurous than I am.

Spaghetti (pasta in general) with mince. Mince is super quick to cook and easy to make taste nice. Add some, fried onions,  tomato paste, stock and its done. It is always a winner and you can use my veggie sauce to sneak in some veggies, making it healthy as well.

Peanut butter chicken curry. I make this at least twice a month. It is SO quick and easy and apart from that one time I added a tbsp of tumeric instead of curry powder, it has never flopped. The older kids enjoy this but the younger two aren’t fans, even though it is a mild curry so I make it on Wednesday when the babies eat dinner at David’s mom. Quick Dinner Ideas For Work At Home Moms |HarassedMom

Oxtail stew. This is one of my favourite things to make. I love oxtail. I make it on the days we are busy and going to be home late. The reason it is quick is because you can just throw everything in the slow cooker in the morning and leave it. 

Stir fries are always a winFry some meat, add some veggies, throw on some soy sauce or some sweet chilli and dinner is done. 

Snack platter. These are so awesome in the warmer, summer months. Fry some chicken pieces, you can even do chicken nuggets or use cold meat, cut up some veggies, some cheese, add some savoury biscuits and let everyone help themselves. 

What are some of your quick dinner ideas?

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  1. 3 October, 2018 / 10:12 pm

    It’s so hard to keep up the motivation to make a good dinner every night! I love your inspiration. Thank you for the motivation to make it happen!

  2. 4 October, 2018 / 11:38 am

    Oh your pics make me wanna whip out a pan and get cracking! :). I love cooking pasta, especially penne. I’ll do quick one-pot dinners: cook the pasta, then while it drains in the sink I use the same pot and get some onions, mixed peppers, mushrooms and whatever I have on-hand going. I add chicken and spices. And when the chicken is nearly there I add milk (with a bit of flour mixed in to thicken). Then I add the pasta back into the pot and stir. I end up with one pot of saucy pasta.
    I also like making egg-noodle stir-fry. Woolies sometimes has those deals where you get the goodies for a steal: the noodles, the veg and the sauce. All you need to get it whatever protein tickles your fancy.
    I love the idea of a snack platter!! I am going to try this Laura. Some chicken nuggets, spicy wings, veggies, crackers, dip, maybe some potato wedges. Sounds like an awesome movie day meal!

  3. 5 October, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    Love the idea of the platter and of everyone helping themselves.

  4. 8 April, 2019 / 3:40 am

    I always struggle with dinner. Finding something somewhat quick that everyone will like or tolerate and not the same few meals! I will definitely add these to the rotation!

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