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Stress-free Morning Routines

All four of the kids currently go to school, which means we need to get all 4 up and out the house. They all need to be at their respective schools at different times which is loads of fun. David takes the 3 older kids and they need to be out the door by 6h20 to get to Cameron’s bus on time. If we have a bad morning, it sort of sets the tone for the whole day so both David and I try to make the morning run as smoothly as possible. Stress-free Morning Routines | HarassedMom

Getting up early, before the kids helps a lot. My older two sort themselves out but getting up early means I can get Jacks lunch sorted, make sure Emma has the right clothes available. By the time they wake up, all they need to do is get changed. 

Tag team stuff. David and I tag team getting the kids ready. He makes sure Jack is ready, I help Emma. We have the older kids who we rope in every now and then to help out as well. 

Check bags the night before. It has taken a while but the older kids now know to bring us books to sign and newsletters in the evening. We check Jack’s bags the night before to make sure we have everything signed etc. Stress-free Morning Routines | HarassedMom

Find a breakfast they eat. Full disclosure, we do not fight over breakfast anymore. Emma eats at school. Some mornings Jack doesn’t want to eat, so we don’t force it. I don’t try to get them to eat a breakfast I know they won’t eat though. If it means french toast for a week, so be it. 

Pick your battles. Some mornings Jack insists on wearing a shirt under his uniform. He gets so hot but he wants to do it. We let it go. Emma has gone to school in her costume before. Some times we have to just let things go. 

Don’t turn the TV on until everyone is ready. We don’t always get this one right but we have managed to get Jack to understand he has to at least get dressed before he can put the TV on. If he isn’t ready and ends up watching TV, it always ends up in a fight. 

What do mornings look like in your home?

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  1. 7 October, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    Getting ready the evening before is the best tool for morning to go smoothly.

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