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Things I know for sure about working from home

As busy as it is at the moment, the more things I cross off the list, the lest anxious I am getting. I am now done with my big client projects so I can now start regrouping a little work wise and get organised for the new year. I am really looking forward to getting away though and taking a proper time out. I started working from home nearly 6 years ago! I can’t even really remember being in a normal 9-5 and will probably never return to the structure and confines of corporate life, even though I would really love the regular, stable pay check!Work from home|HarassedMom

But this is what I know for sure about working at home.

  • Coffee breaks aren’t the same, there is no one to make small talk with or even to offer to make you a cup.
  • It is lonely. Some days it is just too quiet and I wouldn’t mind the irritating colleague (but only for a few minutes).
  • I can watch Chicago PD while I work.
  • Working in my pj’s is completely acceptable.
  • I can work my schedule around my kids.
  • 4am is a perfectly acceptable time to start your day.
  • Home printers are just as tempremental as office printers.
  • I can work from anywhere, anytime. 
  • If I work really hard for 2 days I get to take 2 days off without needing to put leave in.
  • It is a lot harder to switch off. 
  • You learn pretty quickly how to work with a baby on your lap. 

If you work from home what do you know?

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  1. 8 November, 2016 / 10:29 am

    I have just realized that I have known you for a long time – back in the 9-5 days. So glad this is working so very well for you
    catjuggles recently posted…Five for Friday edition 21My Profile

  2. 9 November, 2016 / 12:09 pm

    I actually feel like I have the best of both worlds right now. I have plenty of freedom and work from home one day a week and come and go the rest of the time…. but I also have that steady salary.
    Marcia (Organising Queen) recently posted…Hoarder vs minimalist kidsMy Profile

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