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DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

Putting up the Christmas tree each year is my favourite thing to do. I love decorating it. The kids love decorating it and I love the joy it brings. I do, however, wish we had a more natural option like they do in the northern hemisphere. I am looking at more environmentally friendly options, like this DIY Wooden Christmas Tree. We did have a large stash of wood to pick from but you can also use sticks to get the same effect.

I tried to find pieces of wood that were naturally different sizes to work. I used acrylic paint to paint each piece. While it was still wet I sprinkled some star-shaped glitter across each piece, just for a bit of fun.

Tying it all together was a bit tricky. I used fishing line to tie all the pieces together and it can be a mission to get them all the right height but the finished project was so worth it.

I have put together a Pinterest board with other ideas for wooden Christmas trees.

Disclaimer: I was sent the craft supplies used in this activity. The ideas are my own.


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