May was a very eventful month for us. We managed to fit quite a bit into the month.

May Round Up

May was eventful. It has probably been the most eventful month of the year so far. Well, for me anyway. It was another pivotal moment in my health which was overwhelming but also positive. 

The Highlights

  • David and I went away for the weekend for our anniversary and it was just what we needed. 
  • Emma had Nationals for karate. It did not go as we had hoped. Poor kiddo was so disappointed but she was even more determined to never let it happen again. We have started extra classes to help her improve and prepare for next year.
  • We had a lovely Mother’s Day lunch out with David’s parents.  
  • I am loving my Cricut Joy, I am making the most gorgeous embellishments for my scrapbooking pages. 
  • I had 3 traumatic physio appointments and one bio appointment but it did force me to deal with a few issues. 
  • Related to the above point, I have started gym – just once a week for now to work on my resistance training. I don’t love it, but I also don’t hate it (too much).
  • We are trying out some delicious new coffees. 
  • Kiara started her internship. She was a little apprehensive but seems to be settling in. 
  • We voted. The results are not in but it is going to be an interesting one indeed. 

What I am Watching

  • Obviously I watched Bridgeton Season 3, Part 1. I have mixed feels about it now. Excited for the second part to air. 
  • We are watching the Goldbergs and honestly Beverly Goldberg is so problematic and annoying. 
  • The kids and I went to see If and it was so lovely. It does take a while to get going but it is a very sweet movie. One of the few kids movies that doesn’t actually have a villain/scary character. 
  • There is a show on Netflix called Buying London. I thought it was a show about homes in London. It is not. It is a reality show about a team of estate agents who just have Kardashianesque drama. But that said, I am ashamed to admit, we are knee deep in the drama!


How was your May?



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