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Fun Activities to do During Loadshedding

Loadshedding is back! I think it is safe to say that it is actually here to stay! While it is a pain, if you do a little planning it is not that bad. In fact, I am getting a lot of those boring chores done when the lights are off. But what about the kids? What do you do with the kids during those dreaded 2 (or 4) hours of no power. I am not being smug when I say this but we don’t really mind the down time, we are having fun with the kids and we have some of our favourite conversations with kids. I have put together some of our fun activities to do during loadshedding. They are super easy to organise and the kids won’t be moaning for 2 hours.

Our fun activities to do during loadshedding (or if you are quarantined)

Lego! Haul out the Lego. If you are like us and have a big box of Lego, tip it out. Yip I said tip out all the Lego. (Put a blanket down first, it makes it easier to clean up.) And then let everyone get creative. Give everyone a word or an object to build and see what they come up with. If you want a little inspiration, here are some cool Lego Challenge Cards.


Draw or paint or do both. This is one of our favourite things to do. I have started planning painting activities for loadshedding. The kids are also more engaged because they don’t have any distractions. Don’t forget to download my Easter Activity pack, it has colouring in pages for everyone, including moms.

Try out some experiments. Keep a big bottle of vinegar and a box of bicarb and on those rough days, make some volcanoes. This activity is super easy to do and it keeps the kids busy every time. But we have done a few other activities that you can do without power.

Check out these fun experiments that are super easy to do.

Dancing Corn

Rain Clouds

Lava Lamps


Pom Poms

Get the kids to decorate the table. Dinner time loadshedding is probably the worst, right? Get the kids to decorate the table for dinner. Candice had a cool idea, get the kids to write the menu down and decorate it.

20 Questions. Jack and Emma love playing this! It is a pretty fun game to play as a family. If you don’t know 20 questions, you think of something and then everyone has to ask 20 questions to try figure out what it is.

Board Games. If you have Monopoly, then you could pull it out and the game will last pretty much forever! But there are lots of other, quicker games you can play. Check out Orchards Games, they have some fun games for kids.

Make a Robot. We did this last year and it is lots of fun. Use whatever boxes and other empty containers you have and let the kids see what they can create.

Make a city/farm. This is one of those activities you can do if you need something quickly. We have done it a few times and the kids love it. Basically you take some masking tape and stick it on the floor and then let the kids turn it into a city or a farm.

These aren’t only activities for loadshedding but great to do during the upcoming holidays or if your kids school has been closed and you need to keep them busy during the day.


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