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Shine The Light On Literacy

I grew up around books. My parents both read. My mom was a teacher and then a librarian so books were a big part of our life. I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to reading but once I discovered how incredible it was, I was hooked. I have always taken it for granted that I have always had access to books and that my kids have access to books. 

Millions of children across South Africa do not have access to books in their homes or in their schools. Most of them will never discover the joy of getting lost in a make believe story that comes alive with words. Most of these children will never see the beautiful illustrations or experience a scene pop up from the pages. 

It is a sad reality for far too many of our children. 

The Shine Literacy Project are working to try  and expose as many children as possible to books, reading and literacy. The project is one of the beneficiaries of the MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet program and I was lucky enough to attend the launch of a new resource centre at the Lerato Education Centre yesterday. It was such a great morning learning ore about this incredible initiative and seeing where all the money goes when you swipe MySchoolMy VillageMyPlanet your card at Woolies!

The Shine Literacy Centre set up libraries and resource centres and book nooks at schools that need them. They go one step further though and introduce a literacy program to the schools. This involves volunteers spending an hour twice a week with a group of children in the resource centre. They identify children who need a little extra help or are at risk kids. The aim of this one-on-one time is to help the child to read but also to encourage a love of reading and build up the child’s confidence. This is done through a variety of structured activities like games. The children look forward to their weekly sessions and the same volunteer comes each week to spend time with the child. 

Book nooks are set up inside classrooms. These are small little corners that are set up with a blanket, some cushions and a box of books. The children then have direct access to the books during class time. For many of these children these are the only books that they will come into contact with. 

This is an incredible organisation doing some amazing things!!! If you are looking for a new charity to support with your My SchoolMyVillageMyPlanet then this is the one!!!!

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post

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  1. 8 March, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    This is interesting – nice to see where you rewards go to.


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