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Was 2020 really a bad year?

It is obligatory at this time of the year to look back and assess the year and plan for the new year. The general consensus is that 2020 was a rubbish year. People have made it their mission to create memes about just how bad 2020 was.

But was it that bad?

So obviously the theme of the year was Covid-19 and obviously it has been devastating for many millions of people the world over. I am in no way discounting the tragedy and destruction of the pandemic.

But when I look back at the year, it was by no means our “worst” year and it was actually in many ways a really good year.


I am just going to say it – I didn’t hate lockdown! In fact, truth be told I actually kind of enjoyed it. I love being at home, so I was ok to be at home. I worked from home before lockdown, we home schooled before lockdown – our routine didn’t really change much.

What did change was that we all got to slow down. Our daily lives are busy with general, everyday stuff – swimming, dancing, horse riding, meetings, shopping – all of that stopped and we were all just at home, together.

While I am with the younger 3 all day, Cameron is generally not home a lot – between school commitments and swimming and matric vibes, he was seldom home. But for a few months we had him at home with us and that was probably one of the best gift’s lockdown gave us. He has now moved out and once we leave the Western Cape, it might be a while before we see him so that time, we spent together was priceless.

We live in a small complex, so we made a little bubble and the kids still got to go outside and play and we got a little adult interaction every now and then. I will admit though it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. David and Emma need people and they did struggle a little bit.

We obviously jumped on the homesteading bandwagon and it was so much fun. We baked loaves and loaves of bread. We made cream cheese and banana bread. We cooked dishes we have never made before and for the first time in years I enjoyed cooking. I think it was because there was no rush. I wasn’t rushing around between extra muruals or trying to juggle work and cooking – there just seemed to be more time.


This year was tough for so many businesses. It was heart-breaking to hear of people who has lost their jobs and entrepreneurs who couldn’t carry on. It was rough! Both my business and Davids took a knock – I had clients in the hospitality industry and David works in aviation. So, we definitely did feel but the nature of my business is that it could still be done, and I was at least able to carry on working throughout lockdown. David and his boss hustled super hard and managed to hold everything together really well.

It was tough juggling the work life balance I won’t lie, and I reached a point where I had to say no to work, not because I didn’t need it but because I was just taking on too much and working 7 days a week.

David also struggled a little to work with the chaos that is 4 kids. Someone constantly needs something, there is always noise and someone is always in your space. He eventually turned our bedroom into this man cave and would hide out from the chaos there.

We have both ended the year really strong. His business is actually expanding with a whole new department and I was offered a stunning position that has allowed me to grow my business.

2020 was definitely a good year for both of our businesses.


We are a pretty tight family unit but this year we really got to spend a lot of time together. This was Cameron’s matric year; he wasn’t supposed to be home a lot but we he was which allowed us all to spend some time with him.

When our lives are in full swing, David and I pass like ships in the night. We tag each other in on our way out the door and finding the time to just be together is a challenge. But for a few months we got to be at home together, it was a little chaotic in the beginning – I do wonder if people have actually broken up and cited ‘the dishwasher’ as the reason. But once we had settled a few things, it was so awesome having him at home. The kids in particular really enjoyed him being around.

We also got to connect with my brother and his family more than we would have normally. We played regular Kahoot games and had weekly video chats.


I am not the girl in the back of the bus with a million friends. I have my circle and I am ok with that. Even though we weren’t able to get together for many months, some of my friendships strengthened and grew.

It is not the same as in person interactions but daily WhatsApp chats, video calls and other creative ways to connect all helped me to stay connected with my friends. I also found them to be very grounding and the voice of reason. I have a pretty varied group of friends – so when I was worried about something they weren’t and vice versa so we often talked each other off the ledge.

2020 Highlights

  • Lots of awesome family time.
  • We baked a lot.
  • We got to spend a lot of time with Cameron.
  • I joined an amazing team that really allowed my business to grow.
  • We realised that we don’t actually need a lot of stuff.
  • I discovered the joy that is online shopping. (Checkers sixty60 really is one of the greatest things to come out of 2020)
  • David’s business also grew.
  • Family Christmas.

All things considered I do think we definitely had more positives than negatives this year.

How was your 2020?


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