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The Joys Of Fatherhood

If I were to ask you to think back on some of the greatest memories that happened to you in your life, what would come to your mind? There are several great moments I can remember, but one great memory I have was the day I married the love of my life. This day led to another great memory – the day I became a father to my daughter.

For me, being a father is the greatest joy. It’s a joy because I have witnessed the birth of my baby girl, seen her take her first steps and heard her say “Dad” for the first time. I’ve been on the receiving end of thousands of hugs and kisses, thrown my little girl high in the sky, and heard her scream with excitement as she fell back into my arms again. I’ve learnt all the words to her favorite songs and see her excitement when she grabs our hand to get up and dance with her.Donfather| HarassedMom

I’m watching her grow and learn what it means to be a person in this big world and every day. She reminds me to see the world with joy and wonderment. She reminds me of the possibilities in everything around me; that the smallest details, which can so easily go unnoticed or forgotten, can become the most magical; and that every moment is precious.

We all have an idea of what having a baby is like, right? Maybe a bit like that scene in ‘Knocked Up’ or something off ‘One Born Every Minute’. But what becomes apparent, very quickly, is that each birth and parenting experience is unique and that you don’t know anything at all. No scene in any movie will give you even a sliver of insight into childbirth or parenthood. At first I was worried about how I was going to be a Dad, how was I going to take on this huge title and be good at it. No-one offers you training before hand, there is no interview either, you are simply deemed fit for the job. What I can say is that when the big day finally arrives, all those fears disappear, your instinct steps in and your pride generates a confidence that you never thought possible. Suddenly you are self-informed and in sync with the needs of your new baby.

Although at times it can feel as if you have been thrown into the middle of a tornado, your life really does change, but in the most beautiful way. You wake up before the sun rises and realize how you have never experienced a cup of coffee on the patio, in the crisp morning air. You realize that one of the most astonishing things in life, is life itself, and watching your baby sleep leaves you in complete awe. Afternoon naps have upped their ranking in your weekend schedule and now most arrangements are planned around that heavenly 2pm snooze. A family walk along the beach on a Sunday takes preference as you and your wife soak in the reality of what the word ‘family’ really means.

Amongst all the craziness and excitement of this role, one cliché that actually rings true is that you have never known a love like you do now — A love that makes everything you’ve ever done in your life feel insignificant when you look at those tiny eyes staring up at you.

Happy Fathers Day

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